1. Double monitor,support display brand logo,convenient for promote

2. Double motor design(printing model),high effect,stabilization  

3. Nice appearance、drawer type printing model design,easy for paper loading operation

4. Dampproof、insect prevention design,Avoid moisture and insects into the machine cause breakdown

5. Ultra-large capacity、Can store 10000 item、can set 224 hot keys, hot keys can fill

6. Upper software is multipurpose,support commodity management,items query、account checking…fuction

7. Support item number fast query function,can set variety discount information,support to print traceablity code

8. Support to ethernet/PLU upgrade and edit; support receipt bill and adhesive label printing;and QR code printing

9. Support variety barcode form, 8digit, 13digit, 18digit,support difference angles rotating print,Convenient barcode scanning